How can I reach Third Avenue Apothecary?

You can call us at 1-212-230-1700 or email us at info@thirdaveapothecary.com. You can also message us by signing up through Klara on our home page.

How do I properly dispose of medication?

It is important to properly dispose of expired medication or other medication you are no longer taking. For up-to-date information on how to dispose of medication, please visit one of the following websites: FDA or Dispose My Meds

How do I properly dispose of medication?

To find out how to properly dispose of needles and other sharps, visit: FDA Website

Why Third Avenue Apothecary?

We provide an experience that is low on stress and high on value. We ensure that your out-of-pocket costs are as low as possible by providing support through the insurance approval process and by applying all available manufacturer rebates. We then deliver your medication directly to you for free.

Can I order refills and manage my prescriptions online?

Yes! You can order refills and manage your prescriptions by registering on our secure digital platform, Klara, from our home page.

What are your hours?

Our hours are:

Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 6PM

How can I speak with a pharmacist regarding my medication?

A pharmacist is available to answer questions regarding your medication during normal business hours. Simply call the pharmacy at 1-212-230-1700. You can also message us through Klara and a pharmacist will be able to respond directly to your message. For urgent after hour calls, leave a message and a pharmacist will get back to you within 30 minutes. For a medical emergency, call 911. You may also email us at info@thirdaveapothecary.com for non-urgent matters and someone will respond within one business day.

How will I know if my drugs are covered by insurance?

We will handle this process for you by coordinating with your insurance company and your doctor. Many drugs require something called “prior authorization” which means that the insurance company needs documentation before they will cover a high-cost drug. We will notify you as soon as possible about the result of this process.

What kind of services does Third AvenueApothecary provide?

At Third AvenueApothecary, we do much more than just fill your prescriptions. Our services include support throughout the insurance approval process, prescription refill reminders, free delivery to your home or work, and digital medication management.

How do I report a serious drug reaction?

Please click here to visit the FDA’s Medwatch

Where can I find info on Resources and Patient Assistance

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Needy Meds
Patient Assistance Program
Rx Assist
Partnership for Prescription Assistance

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept payments made by credit card, debit card, prepaid credit and debit cards, and checks.

Where can I find the Notice of HIPAA Privacy Practices?

Click here for Privacy Practices

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